Joe Biden, intoarcerea

Presa americana a anuntat intentia fostului vicepresedinte Joe Biden de a intra in cursa pentru Casa Alba. Evenimentul sau anuntul ar fi planificat pentru joi, aceasta saptamana.

CNN – Joe Biden to announce his 2020 presidential bid on Thursday

Joe Biden will announce his presidential bid on Thursday with an online video, sources familiar with the plans confirm to CNN, finally answering one of the lingering questions hanging over the 2020 Democratic race.The former vice president’s team has been laying the campaign groundwork for months, with Biden’s decision growing less secretive or suspenseful by the day. But now that he has given the green light to his advisers, Biden is facing one of the biggest challenges of his half-century career in politics.

The New York Times- Joe Biden Plans to Enter the Race on Thursday. He’s Starting With $0.

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. is going to have to raise money like he’s never raised money before. With Mr. Biden now planning to enter the 2020 presidential race on Thursday, according to three Democrats familiar with the preparations, one of the anxiety-inducing questions hanging over his team of advisers is just how much of former President Barack Obama’s record-setting financial operation Mr. Biden will inherit now that he is setting off on his own for the first time in a decade.

Pentru democrati este o veste importanta. La fel si pentru Europa, unde Biden are imagine buna. Pentru republicani si indecisi Biden pare un competitor de calibru. Biden reprezinta profilul candidatului total opus lui Donald Trump. Insa el ofera o alternativa destul de atractiva votantilor indecisi care prefera candidati cu multa experienta politca, care si-au demonstrat capacitatile de lider in varful ierarhiei din administratie si care induce incredere si stabilitate. Pentru Romania ar fi o solutie care ar prezenta multe avantaje.

US Offset Strategies

Recomand un interviu luat de Octavian Manea lui Robert O. Work, the 31st Deputy Secretary of Defense, pentru Small War Journal.

The Role of Offset Strategies in Restoring Conventional Deterrence

All this activity is typical of great powers, and requires both the United States and its allies to up their strategic games.  As a status quo power, the U.S. seeks to achieve comprehensive strategic stability, underwritten by strategic deterrence, conventional deterrence, and competing with, contesting and confronting our rivals while avoiding great power war.  All three efforts are required to avoid crisis instability or miscalculations that might lead to armed conflict.  As we’ve discussed, while we accept strategic parity, we strive for conventional overmatch. The 3OS aims to convince both China and Russia that any escalation beyond intense peacetime competition would end badly for them.